Orchards in Nairn

Look back at very old maps of Nairn and you can see how many fruit and veg growing areas there were in the town. Just like elsewhere apples would have been a much more important part of the diet with fruit from local trees coming into season at different times and being stored to enable apples to be eaten over a large part of the year.

Nairn may have had its own varieties of apples just like many other towns and areas of Scotland. There could be trees still in the area that are unique to Nairn waiting to be rediscovered.  Quite a few mature apple trees can be found in Nairn and in recent years more trees have been planted by enthusiasts at Sandown and elsewhere. Here are a few pictures.

Particularly exciting are the plantings last year at Millbank School and recently at Nairn Academy where the students there planted trees as part of the Farmer Jones initiative. The trees were grown by the Sandown Orchard Group and the planting was also assisted by Green Hive activists.

Below are some images of local orchards that have appeared in the past couple of years and for images that tell a bit of the story of the Allotments Group Orchard at Sandown please head over to these flickr pages.